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Family Blessing Series

Thriving Relationships

Families form the foundation of every nation. Nations thrive only when the families that undergird her very existence are thriving.

Destiny Finder Series

Inward, Outward, Upward

Destiny begins with an inward connection with ‘who we are’, and ‘whose we are’; but looking outward is where we discover Destiny’s greater purpose, in others!

Jubilee Rest

Vision Takes Time To Mature

From a kernel of inspired truth, we grow to understand who we are. In maturity, vision will produce a defining strategy of how to move, when and why: it charts a critical path to reach a place of promise.

Family Prayer Series
Names of God

God Reveals Himself

Journey through His Names as a family to discover who He is, His Personality and Nature! Help your children get to know Him personally and hide His Name in their hearts.

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Time Out

Take some time out to bask and rest in His Greatness, Love and Peace, receiving and embracing His blessings and heart for you today.