Project Co-ordinators

I love it!

This 12 Chicken Project allows me and my husband to go door to door to make friends and serve people with love. Many are very eager to receive us and have taken the chickens to their homes.

We now have a salary to feed our family and we also have 100 chickens supporting our work to bless people.

I see the chickens as a blessing and I love them as my own family members. They are a joy to our family. My children love to play and feed the chickens. They treat them as siblings.

I dream that this 12 chicken farm will bless the lives of many people and totally change their living standard.

My vision is that these chickens will unlock blessing and break the curse of poverty over lives.

I dream of giving employment to many poor people in our chicken farm and my own family being blessed with a monthly income that is enough for everyone.

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