DisayapMu Music Album

A compilation of 11 songs in Bahasa Indonesia ministering encouragement and the power to overcome circumstances.

May you soar on high with Him on Eagles' Wings.

Tuhan Berjanji A Listening Place Music Video

  1. Tuhan Berjanji June Rumthe 0:35
  2. Benih Iman Nuh Trivera Caroline, Hoi Kok Fu, June Rumthe 0:28
  3. Sentulah Ku DihardiratMu Trivera Caroline 0:35
  4. Besarlah Tuhan Trivera Caroline, Naomi Theodora Halim, Kho Emilia, June Rumthe 0:27
  5. Daniel 4 June Rumthe 0:33
  6. Gunung Melompat Trivera Caroline 0:32
  7. Domba Yang Bertahta Kho Emilia 0:35
  8. DisayapMu Hoi Kok Fu, June Rumthe 0:33
  9. Penjagaku Kho Emilia 0:33
  10. Aku Percaya Kho Emilia 0:33
  11. Bangsa Kechil Trivera Caroline, Hoi Kok Fu, Kho Emilia, June Rumthe 0:35

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