God of Time

You are God of time, God of space
You hold all things in Your Hand
The time we take to love and heal
To forgive and to mend

You are God alone
You hold all things in Your Hand
Things will heal and they will mend
That is Your word and Your plan

Set me free in Your river where healing waters flow
To know Your liberty
That my soul may bask in the sunshine of Your love
And know what it means to be free

I receive Your power to forgive
I receive Your heart to love my enemy
Come heal and mend
Cause me to love and trust again

I will wait in faith, I will wait in truth
Hold fast to Your word to me
Hold fast to Your heart, Hold fast to Your love
For me and my family

Music and lyrics by Xu Huiling. © 2006 Speckled Lambs Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
ISRC SG-A33-15-00033

From the Album : None Like You

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