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Dak Nong is a province located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, 500m above sea level. About one third of the nearly 600,000 people living here, belong to 31 ethnic minorities (both indigenous and recent immigrants), largely from the Kinh, M’Nong, Tay and Ede people groups.

Although rich in minerals and natural resources, Dak Nong is one of the poorest agricultural provinces in Vietnam. Ethnic minorities in particular, face many hardships and experience below average life expectancies.

After successfully seeding villages in Cuddalore, India with family chicken farms, the 12ChickenFarm Team from the Micro-Credit Fund in Israel (MCFII), have chosen to extend their chicken loan scheme to the minority people groups in Dak Nong in October 2019. 

How It works


5 chickens comprising a mix of a rooster, some hens, chicks plus 6 months of feed  are given to poor families. Qualifying criteria include: Average household income; openness to receiving training on chicken farming and counsel on developing dispositions critical for starting a small business.


An assigned Program Co-ordinator will come along-side families to train with follow-up chicken rearing guidance, including advice on how to generate recurring income streams through the sale of eggs and hens, and expanding the farm by setting aside eggs to multiply their chick stock.


Nurturing relationships are a vital priority. In addition to modelling love, patience and encouragement, the Program Co-ordinator also educates families on the importance of being responsible and accountable for their actions, honesty and other general dispositions critical to success.


At the end of one cycle of approximately 8 months, recipient families are required to return 5 chicks back to the Program Co-ordinator as a form of deferred repayment. This provides a sustainable livelihood for the Program Co-ordinator and his family. In addition, it is also a regular source of chickens for the program to expand in reaching and helping more families in need.

MCFII - who we are

Established in 2014, MCFII is a non-profit association known as AMUTA (Registration Number: 580582468) in Israel. It's primary objective is to help the needy become financially independent, especially those who have made Aliyah. MCFII funds come under the jurisdiction of Israel Ministry of Finance.

Chicken Stories

"My husband is a drunkard. I had no income to survive and no hope. My life was very terrible. Then they gave me the chickens. I see them as a special gift. My husband started to change by seeing these chickens. He started to feed them and began to take responsibility for them. I feel much better and at peace."



I want to grow these chicken to many many. This is my dream and vision.



The chickens are like angels bringing change and peace to our family.



I have been alone for a long time and these chickens make my home come alive.



These chickens are as my extra blessing because with these I now have enough.

Project Co-ordinators

Project Co-ordinators

I dream that this 12 chicken farm will bless the lives of many and totally change their living standard. My vision is that these chickens will unlock blessing and break the curse of poverty over lives.