Sound Trail

Looking At Jesus

Have you been struggling with a personal or work related problem?

Take some time to quieten your heart as you reflect on these verses and listen to the Word of God in these songs.

Trail Guide

Station 1

Lift before Jesus ONE problem, the first one that comes to mind. In one or two sentences, describe the problem in writing.

Station 2

Listen to this song twice: Hold that person or situation before Him as you listen to the song Looking at Jesus.

Station 3

Look past your problem and let your heart rest on Jesus alone. Listen to the song again.

Station 4

Listen to the next song: Great I Am.

Station 5

Write down what you sense the Holy Spirit is saying to your heart concerning your problem. Repeat Stations 2 to 4 until you have clarity and peace about the matter.


Looking at Jesus

We need to be looking at Jesus
And not to circumstances
We need to be looking at Jesus
And not to circumstances

Thinking ‘bout the cross, I can see my God He’s there
And I know that He would move the earth for me
I do not get the how
And I understand not why
But I know, He loves me

Let’s keep looking at Jesus
And not to circumstances
Looking at Jesus
And not to circumstances

Taking the plunge into the deep blue sea
Full of risks and fears, impossibilities
We need to walk by faith and not by sight
Looking at Jesus
Walking to the light

Let the Spirit within rise up big inside
Overcoming fears of doubt and fright
Trusting in His love
Day and night
Looking at Jesus
Trusting in His might

You see the love of God that is deep and wide
Looks like liquid but is solid alright
When we walk on water
We walk on His love
Rock solid
Guaranteed by God above

Let’s keep walking on water
Looking at Jesus
Reaching for His Hand
Standing on His love like it was, dry land

Matthew 14:22 – 33

Great I AM

You have the perfect vision
‘cross time space and generations
Yours is the ultimate eagle eye
Piercing through hearts and minds
Which are yet to be

You are the Great I AM
You are the Great I AM, before me
Is there anything too hard
Anything too hard for the Lord?

You open doors that no man can shut
On this earth and in heaven above
The key is to see Your Hand open doors for me
Blasting through prejudices
Entrenched through history

Nothing’s too hard
Your plans will be
Your plans will be
I will see


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