Where Love is True

The Sapphire Blue Cherubim Throne

Ezekiel 1:26,27 describes God’s throne as blue sapphire in appearance, ringed with fire.

Fire is, indeed, a fantastic analogy for the love that God has for us because in many ways, His love is like the blue of the bunsen flame – intense, pure and true.

Interestingly, biblical history describes one such place on earth as well (Exo 25:10-22).

His throne room in the Holy of Holies, above the mercy seat, where grace covers law, between the wings of the cherubim. There He dwells, holds court, meets and talks with man.

The cross of Christ, is another.

Love burned true here.  And grace covered law once and for all.

Today, it is through this cross that He invites us to draw near.

Come, let us boldly enter.

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Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. James 4:8

Trail Guide

Where Love is True

You are enthroned upon the cherubim
From of old unto eternity
Above the mercy seat
You reign and commune with men
In a place of grace and love without end

It’s a place where the flame is blue
It’s a place where love is true
It’s a place of strength divine
Where eagles swiftly soar and visions are defined
It’s a place of love intense
Where He reveals His plans to men
It’s a place of genius unveiled
And power supernatural

He invites us to that place
When with our hearts we will embrace
The presence of the Living God
Awaiting there with His love to pour
So let us ascend to that Holy Place
Where with our hearts we’ll see His face
And be filled with His passion intense
And power supernatural


“Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.”

Mark Buchanan, The Holy Wild:
Trusting in the Character of God

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