Video: Be My Light

We never realise how deep in the shadows we dwell until light dawns on us. Truth is light and it brings definition and certainty to our world. As dawn breaks we’re suddenly able to see the road ahead; hope dawns in our hearts, and the canvas of darkness starts a slow retreat. This Jubilee, be led into wonderment in a season celebrating light and all that it means: the blessedness of love, joy, peace, and freedom that truly satisfies.

Discover new light for the way ahead as you watch this music video ‘Be My Light’. This song is part of a new Jubilee album ‘Where Love is True’, specially released in celebration of Singapore in her Jubilee Year.


BE MY LIGHT (Rev 21:23)

Lamb of God, be my light
Illumine me, inside
Shine on the darkness in my soul
Shine on me, Lamb of God
Make me whole

Shine on the pathways of the thoughts of my mind
Shine on the fears, holding my life
Send Your truth, set me free
Break all fear within me

Shine on the rivers of desires in my heart
On what I like, shine in every part
Send Your truth, illumine me
Renew my heart, set me free

Break all strongholds of my thought life that have unclean fear
Break all strongholds of selfish desires
Lamb of God, illumine me
Send Your word, set me free

Heal my mind, set me apart
Heal the desires, in my heart
Heal my emotions, make them supple and strong
Lamb of God, shine on me
Bright and strong

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