Video: More of You

We’re full, yet unsatisfied; driven by countless pursuits, but aimless when we find them. It’s a grain of sand we hold in our hands, against the ocean of abundance God holds out in His. This Jubilee, be drawn into a different kind of seeking, and recover the blessedness of a joy, peace, and freedom that truly satisfies.

As you watch this music video ‘More of You’, enter into a place of rest and trust in God. Dwell on the sovereignty of a Creator who has determined the seasons and boundaries of every nation of mankind. This song is part of a new Jubilee album ‘Where Love is True’, specially released in celebration of Singapore in her Jubilee Year.


MORE OF YOU (Ps 36:5-8)

More of you, more of you
Lord see my heart hear my prayer
I ask for more of you

Let me dance in your rain
Feel your presence on my face
Let me drink from your river of delights
Let me taste of abundance
That is your name
More of you, Lord I ask for more of you

Let me sit in your presence
Snuggled in a blanket of your love
Let me hear you whisper your thoughts from above
Let me feel in my spirit
Your strength in mine
More of you, Lord I ask for more of you

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